Anti-Money Laundering Software

Protect your business against money laundering activity and fully comply with all the legal procedures and regulations that are in place to safeguard you and your customers.

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A trusted AML solution for all businesses

A secure and trusted anti-money laundering (AML) solution designed to protect your business in two ways. It automates your AML security processes, quickly and effectively verifying the identity presented and ensures your business meets and complies with all AML regulations without impacting on customer experience.

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Access to global data sources

Our wide-ranging global data sources allow you to run more rigorous identity verification checks, no matter where the potential client is located in the world or what documents they are using as proof of ID.

Comprehensive screening as standard

Key in the prevention of money laundering, our smart AML solution includes global PEPs and sanctions screening as standard to help stop threats early and ensure compliance. Automatically identifying and screening all potential customers at the point of onboarding, checking their details against daily updated global PEPs, sanctions and other relevant flags.

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Time-saving automated AML checks

Quick and simple to integrate, paperless and completely automated, our intelligent AML solution can reduce your business’ reliance on old-fashioned, manual checks, and remove unnecessary risks and costs in the process.

Adherence to the most stringent AML regulations

This automated solution ensures all compliance processes are carried out correctly, potential cases of money laundering are identified and prevented early, and time is saved. This means employees can instead focus on other tasks while our software manages your AML process.

Get set up in hours and stay up to date with our simple API integration

Thanks to its secure and intelligent API integration, meeting compliance requirements, safeguarding your business against money laundering has never been easier or quicker. Our AML solution has no legacy technology and can be seamlessly slotted into your current identity verification and AML process in just a matter of hours.

Illustrative graphic of id card being scanned for anti-money laundering (AML) checks
Illustrative graphic of ID card being verified for anti-money laundering (AML) checks

A highly adaptable tool

Our smart API integration feature means the solution is highly adaptable and able to meet changing regulatory standards without the need to constantly re-engineer or manually update your processes. The intelligent software can be tailored to the individual identity verification needs of any business effortlessly, while ensuring you remain fully compliant.

Comprehensive identity checking capabilities

In addition to giving you the ability to quickly and efficiently detect money laundering activity, our flagship ID3global solution is also capable of performing a wide range of crucial identity verification checks. From sophisticated KYC (Know Your Customer) checks and rapid age verification to biometric FaceMatch technology onboarding techniques.

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