Streamlined identity verification with no-code simplicity

Start onboarding customers in minutes with GBG’s no-code identity verification solution. ProID automates your data and document verification workflow so you can ensure a friction-free, fully compliant KYC/AML.

No-code or low-code 

Easily and quickly launch your products or services and verify your customers without a huge development budget or technical resources. ProID can be used on its own as a no-code application or integrated within your website through REST API.

No-code or low code API integration
GBG Onboarding Controls And Reputational Protection

Remove Friction

Provide frictionless onboarding experience by verifying customers with data and only stepping up to documents if data is not matched. You have the flexibility to configure between data and document verification in your customer journey based on your risk-based approach.

Personalise your customer experience

Make all customer touchpoints on-brand. Send your customers a personalised text or an email invitation for identity verification. Customers have the freedom to choose a web-based or app-based journey. 


Know Your Customer (KYC) icon

Data Verification

Perform PEPs and Sanctions, multi-bureau credit, consumer, and morality checks, along with KYC and AML. Utilise GBG's Identity Score to assess genuineness and reduce synthetic identity fraud at account opening.

Document Verification

Keep your business safe by swiftly verifying identity documentation during onboarding without impacting the customer experience. Replace the manual form-filling process with near-instant and 100% accurate data extraction with NFC technology.


ProID makes compliance of KYC and AML management quick and stress-free, with a complete audit trail and granular feedback on each verified identity. 

Features and Capabilities

Frequently asked questions


Microsoft Azure (UK)

You own the data that ProID captures on your behalf.

ProID can operate as a stand-alone system to complement your existing processes, or ProID can be seamlessly integrated into your back-office system via our API.

The system will alert our back office which triggers additional checks and processes. We will then notify you of the situation.

UK IDV checks including credit, consumer, telephone & mortality, as well as PEPs & Sanctions and Bank Account Verification.

A Web version is available, however, owing to NFC forming a key component in the journey, Apple or Android Smartphones are recommended.

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