GBG Score

How much can you trust a digital identity?

What is GBG Score?

GBG Score is a global identity confidence score. It tells you if you can trust the footprint of a customer’s digital identity. Complimentary to your existing KYC process, GBG Score is more granular than typically binary onboarding checks. Consistent and objective, scoring allows you to optimise your onboarding strategies across products, regions and segments.

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Onboard more customers

Prioritise high quality idenetities failing standard checks for manual review.

Grow internationally

Use our standardised assessment of different global markets to make informed onboarding decisions.

Reduce fraud

Spot identities that pass standard tests but are likely fraudulent.

How GBG Score works

GBG Score is the only score that provides a globally consistent, tangible metric that enables an organisation to understand in real time how much they should trust the verification of an identity.

To calculate the score we assess the following:

Data integrity

The completeness and pedigree of a dataset.

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Data count

The number of sources in which an identity appears.

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Match robustness

The degree that all components of an identity can be matched.

GBG Score peer benchmarking

Individual scores can be aggregated to give the average GBG Score for a business or division. Where your overall GBG Score is low, or below your peers, there are likely opportunities to optimise your onboarding strategy. GBG can work with you to identify solutions to improve your score, enabling you to onboard more customers and reduce fraud.

Our vision for GBG Score

GBG Score offers invaluable insight for businesses. It is also rooted in our data ethics and values. By making trust tangible, we are passionate about building trust in a digital world.

Create a safer online world

Promoting a better quality of identity verification across markets, increasing safety for all.

Increase inclusivity

Improving access to digital services by providing an objective measure of non-standard identity datasets.

Reduce fraud

Making it easier for institutions to onboard good customers, and deter fraudsters.

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