AssureID (formerly IDscan)

Secure Identity Document Verification

Bringing together the worlds leading technology to deliver the most powerful document and biometrics capability


Trusted by thousands of major brands around the world

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Onboard more good customers, whilst stopping more fraud with complete decisions

With over 20 years market experience, GBG has been exposed to a vast amount of documents, many of which are fraudulent. Our solution is optimized to offer the highest possible rate of fraud mitigation, while ensuring legitimate documents are passed quickly and effectively. Documents and Biometrics is a proven way to always deliver a decision, both as a standalone solution, and as part of a larger KYC onboarding process


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No Code options & Localisation to get going in minutes

This leading Documents and Biometrics capability is also available via the GBG GO Global Platform. Here you can get going in minutes via a NoCode integration and white label configuration in any language

Global library and rapid new additions​

With over 6,500 global documents, covering most of the worlds countries and key types. Our document library is the most robust there is with rapid supporting processes for new additions

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API, SDK and Developer Experience options for granular control

All the features of our solution are available as REST APIs to enable you to solve your unique problem(s). We also provide various expert SDKs and documentation to support you on your implementation 

All available as journeys or micro services​

All of our features are available to be consumed individually (e.g. OCR, Liveness, etc) or as part of a curated or templated journey. There is no limit to the journeys you can create and deploy

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Leading Fraud detection​

Our expert AI/ML team have built a series of industry leading fraud detection checks and algorithms to supplement our already leading Liveness and Facial Matching checks

Reporting & Analytics

We assess your performance, trends and patterns. Replaying this to you in a way that enables you to tune and optimise your business and implementation

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Flexible deployment options​

Available via Public Could, Private Cloud, Desktop, Kiosk, Terminal or Self-Hosted. Our browser based solution has been designed to be easy to consume and equally easy to ensure compliance

Leading Extraction and Classification​

Designed to provide the best results even when processing low quality images, our extraction and classification technology will always provide you with an appropriate next best action

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