GBG Instinct

A versatile anti-fraud solution.

Introducing GBG Instinct

New customers want account sign-up to be swift and straightforward. Your business needs to meet their expectations – and at the same time safeguard against application fraud and other financial crime. GBG Instinct intelligently compares the information provided during registration against rich layers of identity reference data - account numbers, prior purchases or applications, card details – even previous behaviour, as well as basic information such as name and address. You’ll be able to make a quick, risk-based decision on new applications, based on your own rules and requirements. Which means no delays for good customers, high fraud identification rates – and far fewer time-wasting false positives.

Why use GBG Instinct?

Achieve high fraud detection rates

Mitigate fraud from the beginning. We use 18 different matching algorithms, including fuzzy logic to evaluate an individual's risk level at the point of application. The sophisticated matching routines detect more fraud than traditional binary logic.

Speed up onboarding

Full integration with your onboarding process allows you to make real-time decisions. Your good customers will get a rapid, streamlined registration process - while fraudsters will fail the checks.

Assess every applicant for risk & opportunity

New applications can be linked to existing cases, enabling investigators to see the whole picture and review cases quickly. Achieve accurate and consistent results using historical data, fraud scores, and known criminal lists.

Gain control

GBG Instinct works on a comprehensive library of rules and associated scorecards. They're easy to customise and update - meaning you get a set of rules optimised to your business needs. You’ll also be able to investigate fraud more strategically with intuitive case management. Link fraudulent applications to existing cases to enable investigators to see the whole picture.

Reduce operational costs

By using the most effective anti-fraud measures, you’ll be able to focus your resource on exception cases. Share knowledge on known fraud cases across the business and externally - reducing the risk of it happening again.

Catch fraud as it evolves

Fraud models and rules can be changed instantly to respond to new fraud trends.

Customer Success Story - HomeChoice

Learn more about how HomeChoice has simplified its credit application process using GBG Instinct, providing more protection against fraud for its customers, and a better customer experience.

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Whether applying online or over the counter, new customers want new account sign-up to be swift and straightforward. Find out how GBG Instinct can help you deliver a robust, yet seamless onboarding process.

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Discover how we can help you to make the best decisions for your business at each stage of the retail banking journey. Keep risk and compliance in check without compromising your customer experience.

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