Instinct Hub

Digital onboarding fraud and compliance management

Introducing GBG Instinct

GBG Instinct Hub is a compliance and fraud risk management platform that offers the flexibility to upscale with advanced capabilities for a future-proof approach to guard against complex fraud typologies and modern financial crimes 4.0 incursions, while delivering a frictionless omnichannel customer experience during the account opening and application process.

Why use GBG Instinct?

Accelerate digital readiness safely

Launch new channels and digital services faster without compromising fraud prevention and KYC compliance.

Improve operation efficiency

Validate and onboard legitimate customers with automated precise, sub-second risk assessment and decisioning, enabling straight through application processing, for at least two million applications per day, while reducing false positives by up to 20%.

Onboard geniune customers

Frictionless customer onboarding while uplifting fraud detection accuracy by up to 30%, leveraging advanced intelligence and predictive analytics.

Reduce fraud loss

Detect complex financial crimes and prevent malicious fraud attacks by activating advanced capabilities on Intelligence Center to verify applicant's official and biometric identity, and uncover potential email, phone, device or endpoint security vulnerabilities.

Evolving financial crime detection

Machine Learning automates new fraud behavioural pattern identification, intelligntly updates detection models, suggests new rules, variables and parameters based on actions and outcome, improving application fraud detection performance by up to 30%.

Scalable modular solution design

Built for modular and scalable solutions to meet the different business needs and deployment requirements of small and mid-sized organisations, as well as large enterprises.

Customer Success Story - HomeChoice

Learn more about how HomeChoice has simplified its credit application process using GBG Instinct, providing more protection against application fraud for its customers, and a better customer experience.

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