Affordability screening for gambling operators

Screen for vulnerability without adding friction

Identify vulnerable players

Get a flexible and fully-configurable approach to identify vulnerable players. Use postcode-level data to screen at onboarding layered with individual affordability indicator checks further into their journey or at key trigger points.

Flexible integration

Integrate at any point during your player journey. Our fully automated, layered solution delivers an accurate and complete view of player affordability. It’s easily consumed alongside age and AML checks, and all stored within a single, granular audit trail.

Compliance driven

Integrate with your existing processes and audit trail easily and satisfy regulators.

  • Protect players

    Understand a player’s financial circumstances in real-time with ‘Red Amber Green’ statuses that make affordability screening easy

  • Seamless player experience

    Run affordability checks without additional input from players, ensuring a seamless experience and minimal customer drop-off

  • Informed decisions

    Layer our range of affordability checks to make better decisions based on your approach to risk and existing player onboarding processes

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GBG’s Geo-Affordability data offers a unique picture of UK demography, which will allow us to make instant, accurate assessments that tailor our products to ensure that customers’ activity is affordable as well as fun.

Our Affordability Solution gives you

  • Coverage for more than 85% of the UK adult population (18+)

  • Instant insight into a player’s individual financial situation without the need for intrusive checks

  • Flexibility with a layered approach using postcode-level checks, Individual Affordability Indicators and income verification

  • Clear, concise and fully integrated audit trail to demonstrate compliance

Layering data

GBG Affordability Solution has three components. Each offers unique affordability insights and becomes more powerful when layered together.

  1. UK Geo-affordability: Understand high-level affordability at a postcode level based on public derogatory data and lifestyle/vulnerability variables.
  2. UK Individual Affordability Indicators: Understand affordability at an individual level based on affordability indicators using credit bureau data to assess stability and cash flow.
  3. UK Income Verification: Confirm a player’s income is accurately reported and link to affordability on sufficiency (annual income), consistency (monthly amount) and relevance (types of income accounts).

Smarter onboarding and safeguarding

Identities and regulations adapt and evolve quickly. Our data and document verification technology helps you understand player identities to ensure you prevent money laundering, protect vulnerable players and build trust.

Our checks are fully configurable and enable you to implement the appropriate level of checks for your business. Carrying out multiple identity checks is critical to staying complaint, taking responsible steps to protect players and giving the best customer experience.

GBG Affordability Solution does the hard work for you. We cross-reference checks to take the complexity out of your digital onboarding process, and our granular audit trail provides you and regulators with the detail you need to be confident in your decisions, whatever your approach to risk.

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