Reducing fraud

Fraud is evolving. Our solutions help you protect your bottom line against fraud losses without jeopardising your relationships with the honest majority.

  • Evolving threats

    Keeping up with the latest sophisticated fraud techniques is a challenge

  • Opportunity cost

    Time spent investigating fraud is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Customer expectations

    Customers don’t want their experiences disrupted with intrusive screening.

GBG Predator

Automatically monitor your customers’ transactions for signs of behaviour consistent with fraud and identify new trends in financial crime.

Meet compliance

Demonstrate compliance with complex anti money laundering (AML) regulations.

Boost productivity

Automate workflows and free up resources to focus on exception cases.

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GBG Instinct

Achieve high detection rates for application fraud by quickly comparing customer registration details against rich layers of identity reference data.

Custom rules

Easily modify an extensive library of GBG rules to fit your approach to risk.

Comprehensive assessment

Link new applications to existing cases to reveal the whole picture.

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GBG Connexus

GBG Connexus helps you find whoever you’re looking for, faster. For asset reunification and beyond, Connexus simplifies and accelerates your fraud prevention processes.

Fraud detection

Expose fraudsters who have managed to bypass your existing processes.

Tailored solution

Choose a cloud-based platform, a managed solution or an integrated API.

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Over 20,000 customers globally

GBG Connexus is an integral part of how we operate and life would be very difficult without it.

Clive Dunster, Managing Director, Intellekt
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