Fraud Prevention

Assess customer risk with fraud checks tailored to your needs. Proprietary insights and scores offer confidence in the legitimacy and trustworthiness of your customers' identities.

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Identity fraud

Onboarding criminals using stolen or synthetic identities, or impersonating deceased individuals, incurs losses and damages brand reputation. Our modular solutions can prevent fraud at the application stage.

Financial fraud

Avoid financial fraud, utilising our multi-layered approach. Our proprietary scoring of transactional behaviour, layered with bank verification helps to identify suspicious patterns and confirm the authenticity of an individual's identity.

Bonus abuse

The true extent of lost earnings from the misuse of new customer promotions is underestimated in online gaming, retail, and software. Our fraud prevention solutions accurately verify identities and prevent losses.

Synthetic identity score

Spot and stop Synthetic Identities

With exclusive access to the entire credit universe we analyse and contextualise credit bureau data for synthetic identity indicators using an advanced scoring model to prevent fraud before it occurs.

GBG fraud compliance datasets

Trust score

Transaction data

GBG Trust Network is a collaborative intelligent database, sharing verified identity histories and fraud insights with global organisations. With Trust score you can have confidence that the identity you're transacting with is trustworthy.

Mobile Intelligence

Detect identity fraud

A mobile number often stays with a person longer than their address. Knowing that a person is the owner of a mobile number is a robust way of validating an identity and preventing fraud.

Email Intelligence

Predict and stop fraud

Assess the potential risks and avoid fraudulent activities by analysing the transactional and behavioural background of an email address. The resulting fraud risk score makes it easy to assess the risk level of potential new customers.

Bank Account Verification

Accurately verify UK bank details

Prevent fraud losses with card and bank account verification, detecting potentially fraudulent activity before it occurs. Rapidly authenticate sort codes, account numbers, and address details during application, stopping fraud without impacting the customer journey.

GBG Bank Account Verification
Feature Fraud Essentials
Fraud Lite
Fraud Pro
Fraud Pro + BAV
GBG Email Intelligence TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE
Basic data checks:
  • UK Mortality
  • National Change of Address
GBG Score for Synthetic Identity FALSE TRUE TRUE TRUE
Mobile Intelligence:
  • UK Mobile fraud signals
  • UK Mobile identity
Advanced data checks:
  • UK Card Verification
  • UK Bank Validation
  • UK Bank Verification
GBG Score for Trust (from April 2023) TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE
CIFAS FALSE Optional Optional Optional
Device Intelligence Optional Optional Optional Optional

Why choose GBG

We strive to simplify fraud detection and compliance management for your business. Regardless of your industry or location our solutions are designed to help you address your fraud and compliance challenges, so you can concentrate on running your business with peace of mind.

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