What it does

As the UK’s largest provider of criminal record checks. we offer GBG OnlineDisclosures for fast, automated and cost effective screening. Make safer recruitment decisions on employees or volunteers, to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

We are also registered to process applications with Disclosure Scotland.


The benefits of GBG OnlineDisclosures

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    Save time and money – put the right candidate in the right role faster

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    Safeguard your organisation’s reputation and tick the right official boxes

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    Improve efficiency by integrating all your screening tasks in one portal - complete with a detailed audit trail

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    Reduce risks and errors with automatic checks that help you cut down on workplace fraud

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    Get peace of mind from knowing you are supported to the highest standards – we are ISO27001 certified

How it works

Here’s what GBG OnlineDiscloures can do for you:

Screening and validation services +


  • Assess applicants efficiently and cost effectively – all using one system that can run multiple checks in a matter of seconds
  • Re-check current employees in line with your internal processes
  • Tailor your screening process to be appropriate to individual roles
  • Remove human error and reduce application rejections by validating data at the point of entry   


  • Faster, more efficient checking frees up your teams to concentrate on more specialist work
  • Ensure full compliance with employment law by including new and existing staff
  • Role appropriate checks mean a better experience for all
  • Significantly reduces the likelihood of rejection through simple data inaccuracies

Show you’ve been thorough +


  • Vet the suitability of those working with vulnerable adults or children
  • Run adverse financial checks, checking whether people have CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcy declarations etc
  • Check driver licences when driving is a requirement of the role - including validity and endorsements


  • Demonstrate your duty of care as an employer
  • Safeguard your organisation’s reputation
  • Show you’ve supported the ‘right to work’ process
  • Demonstrate a robust recruitment process

Manageability +


  • Run all kinds of checks from just one place
  • Obtain results in easy-to-understand reports
  • Allow applicants to complete job applications themselves


  • Save time and increase efficiency, reducing operational costs
  • Make decision-making simple

Support +


  • UK based telephone hotlines for advice on legislation changes, best practice and user support 


  • Receive expert guidance from our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team

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