Event Summary

On average UK addresses databases are missing up to 3 million valid addresses. That means current address validation solutions could be ignoring more than 6 million consumers. This webinar will examine the reasons and what you can do about it - today.

16 June 2016

Address Validation with a difference

A GBG Webinar

Are you able to locate the 3 million addresses that are not on the Royal Mail's standard database? Probably not!

Join GBG Product Manager, Tobin Broadfoot, to discuss how to tackle this challenge head on:

  • Understand why you may be missing 3 million addresses and potentially ignoring over 6 million customers.
  • See real life examples of what poor address validation means
  • Understand the problems this really causes your customers and the resulting impact on your business

Better addressing with GBG Matchcode360

In June, we are launching the most comprehensive address database ever to hit the UK, helping you to locate and provide a better service to an estimated 6 million consumers.

Why this matters ....?

  • 6 million customers will not be able to complete an online retail purchase because the delivery and billing addresses cannot be verified
  • Up to 6 million consumers will fail the standard identity checks required to open a bank account or make a money transfer because their home address cannot be located
  • Businesses will waste vast sums of money trying to communicate with people by using invalid address details
  • And for retailers, delivery charges will escalate as drivers struggle to find the right property among the 3 million 'unknown' addresses

Using GBG Matchcode360 address validation software, we are confident that you will be able to sign up more* new customers, faster; reducing costs, minimising waste and increasing the profitability of each customer

*  In a recent trial of GBG solutions, we increased new customer sign up by 34% for one online sports retailer.