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Collaboration, compliance and combating fraud

How businesses are joining forces to fight identity fraud.

Digital identity fraud doesn’t respect team boundaries, it’s a common concern for compliance and fraud professionals. Seventy-one percent of 500 business leaders we surveyed say they consider identity and fraud as part of a unified digital strategy.

Criminals don’t limit fraud attacks to one business or industry or stop at national boundaries either. Digital identity fraud targets multiple markets and businesses, exploiting vulnerabilities to commit financial crime and launder cash wherever it can.

As the battle to combat identity fraud intensifies, collaboration is crucial. Within businesses and across industries, enhanced data sharing is fighting back and forms a strategic spearhead of the UK government’s Economic Crime Plan 2023 to 2026.

Stephen Dalton, Director of Intelligence at Cifas joins our digital identity experts to explore how data consortia and shared consumer intelligence are transforming customer due diligence and fighting back against digital identity fraud.

Joining forces to fight identity fraud

  • Know your customer better
    Learn how data-sharing consortia and cross-sectoral identity trust and fraud signals are transforming compliance and standard regulatory checks.

  • Share trust insights from beyond your business
    Share positive identity data matches and combinations from across your industry and beyond to optimise customer due diligence, onboarding and costs.

  • Identify serial identity scammers
    Learn how sharing fraud signals can serve to identify known identity fraudsters targeting multiple businesses in your industry and beyond.

  • Spot multiple account sign-ups
    Track multiple sign-ups submitted at suspicious speed in your industry and other network fraud signals, including data manipulation anomalies.

Meet our speakers

Stephen Dalton

Director of Intelligence | Cifas

Edward Moore

Head of Online Fraud | The Home Office

Gus Tomlinson

Chief Product Officer | GBG

Laura Barrowcliff

Head of GBG Trust | GBG

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Collaboration, compliance and combating fraud: How businesses are joining forces to fight identity fraud.