Unlocking global customer data

How to unlock international customer data for global business growth.

Any company looking to transact globally needs to unlock data on genuine international customers in order to trade with trust and confidence.

  • Is your business locked out of international markets by poor data on prospects?
  • Is your business growth constrained by low match rates or the high cost of manual customer due diligence in unfamiliar territories?
  • Are the challenges of international KYC limiting access to global opportunities?

Watch on-demand as we speak to pioneering compliance officers who have unlocked global customer data to discover new international markets. With better customer data, improved pass rates and reduced manual reviews, our guests successfully released their businesses from the KYC borders holding them back.

Meet our speakers

Jas Randhawa

Financial Crime and Compliance | StrategyBRIX

Willem Wellinghoff

Global Chief Compliance and Risk Officer | MLRO | Fintech Mentor

Tony Brown

Compliance Director & MLRO | IFX Payments

Gus Tomlinson

Chief Product Officer | GBG

Victoria Baker

International Data Specialist | GBG

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Learn how to unlock international customer data for global business growth.