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Protecting Gen Z from increasing fraud

What must brands do today to take care of tomorrow’s customers?

Young consumers are being scammed. Almost 13% of 18- to 24-year-olds across Europe fell victim to online fraud in the past year, according to The State of Digital Identity 2022.

Contrary to expectation, techy-savvy digital natives are the demographic most vulnerable to identity fraud as their increased screen time and ‘thin file’ make them an easy target.

94% of Gen Z consumers surveyed expressed fears of being affected by fraud in the future, and yet with almost half of young adults believing online security is a brand’s responsibility, not theirs, watch our latest webinar as we ask: what must businesses do today to take care of tomorrow’s customers?

Key topics include:

  • Key fraud threats for young adults in 2022
  • Advancing financial inclusion through data
  • How to use mobile intelligence to build trust

Meet our speakers

Gus Tomlinson

Chief Product Officer | GBG

Mark Harvey

Industry Expert | Mobile Intelligence

Andy Sacre

Product Director, Open Banking, Decisioning and Analytics | Equifax

Dan Johnson

Vice President Digital Identity C&IS | Mastercard

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Watch our latest webinar as we discuss how businesses can protect Gen Z from increasing fraud risk, enhance brand loyalty and increase lifetime customer value.