NFC Chip

Eliminate document fraud completely by using NFC technology

  • Reduce look-alike fraud

    Cross-reference visible and hidden data points in NFC chipped documents to make your anti-fraud efforts even more robust.

  • Frictionless onboarding

    Most smartphones already have RFID chip reading technology built in so your customers will love your simple, slick onboarding experience.

  • Accurate data extraction

    Get 100% personal identity information extraction accuracy meaning no more refers because of mistyped information.

NFC (Near Field Communication) capability leverages widely held government-issued identity documents with contactless RFID chips and NFC-capable smartphones.

Modern passports (e-passports) and similar identity documents feature contactless RFID chips. These chips are standardised as part of Doc 9303, Machine Readable Travel Documents, by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), part of the United Nations. You can capture and extract the information directly from a document’s RFID chip using NFC, which means it doesn’t matter how fraudsters try to tamper with it the information printed on the document. Introduce biometric matching and liveness checks and you can verify they’re the document holder.

Read personal information to reduce look-alike fraud

Achieve 100% personal identity information extraction accuracy and reduce look-alike fraud with IDscan NFC capability.
Contactless chips usually found in e-Passports contain reliable personal information about the holder, including their full name, birthdate and nationality. This information has been provided by the issuing country, based on strict government identity verification processes.

NFC data extraction provides the user with a convenient way to populate data fields, eliminating the need for manual input. This also prevents input errors.

Each biometric chip also contains a portrait photograph of the holder that has a higher resolution that the one printed in the document, making it suitable for FaceMatching which helps reduce look-alike fraud.

What’s more, the personal information and photo are signed digitally, and cannot be altered.

Learn more about Face Match

NFC cannot be spoofed because to unlock the chip the ID document must be present

The contactless chip in passports is protected against unauthorised access via a security mechanism that is unlocked using the document number, expiry date and holder’s date of birth as a password.

This information is part of the so-called Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), which consists of the two lines at the bottom of the passport. GBG IDscan scans the MRZ to gain access to the chip.

Reduce fraud with triangulation

Our identity software performs multiple cross-checks across the biometric chip, ID document visible area and portrait photo.

Couple this with Liveness and you’ve got a robust identity verification journey that reassures customers that you care about their security, while keeping your regulators happy.

Learn more about liveness

Common Smartphones with NFC

NFC capability works on almost every smartphone and does not require additional hardware. All it needs is NFC, which is supported by most modern smartphones. The following devices have been tested Android and iOS 13 onwards, including iPhone 7 and newer. Over 500 different Android smartphones, and all recent iPhones have been successfully tested.

World-leading data, technology and expertise. Always at your fingertips.

Onboard good customers in seconds, not days.

Fraud adapts and evolves, and is increasing. Our identity data and document verification technology helps you fight identity fraud to help you balance your approach to risk when it comes to onboarding new customers.

Carrying out multiple identity verification and document authenticity checks is critical to staying AML complaint, understanding your customers through Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, and giving the best customer experience.

But how do you manage all those checks? You don’t.

We do the hard work for you. Triangulation is the way we cross-reference those checks, taking the complexity out of your digital onboarding process and audit trail while returning match rates you can have complete confidence in, whatever your approach to risk.

You get a 100% decision rate because our layering of ID document, data, biometrics and in-house forensic document experts (FDE) deliver the accuracy and insights you need. We give you confidence that you’re only onboarding the customers you can trust, and the ability to use those insights to grow the lifetime value of your customers.

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