Transaction Fraud

Mitigate transaction fraud risk across channels in real-time, preventing fraud before it occurs.

Reduce fraud losses

Minimise fraud loss with additional data intelligence. Detect and act on fraudulent transactions before legitimised customers are compromised.

Uncover new fraud trends

Leverage machine learning to monitor transactions and identify new fraudulent behavioural patterns.

Improve operational performance

Set up new payment channels and launch new services with fraud protection to market quicker. Speed up triage review processes with an intuitive user interface and reduced false positives.

Connect to additional data intelligence

Leverage additional data intelligence for better holistic decisioning

Incorporate blacklists, whitelists, manually marked or auto-generated lists, along with additional data intelligence outside your organisation to enhance monitoring and improve decisioning.

Easy alert triage

Flexible and intuitive user interface design

Fraud investigators can respond to and act on fraud with a single click to easily block a transaction, mark as genuine or suspicious, add to a watchlist, or update a case.

Machine learning

Improve accuracy with reduced false positives

Our machine learning leverages adaptive modelling to continually learn and update itself with new data ingestion, improving accuracy and reducing false positives, which enables you to process legitimate transactions more efficiently.

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We are saving a lot of money that is passed onto honest customers via lower premiums.
Paula Howett, Fraud and Risk Quality Manager, Ageas

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