Online Shopping Checkout

Alongside the ecommerce boom has been a rapid rise in expectations of ecommerce and retail businesses for highly intuitive and frictionless customer experiences. Customers are easily deterred by lengthy checkout or data entry processes, and business will quickly lose customer loyalty if parcels arrive late or, worse, not received at all. Our address validation solutions are designed to help businesses keep customers happy with seamless user experiences.

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Reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and improve customer experience with our award-winning address validation solutions, which minimise human errors and ensure you can reach your customers at the right address.

Trusted by over 20,000 clients in over 70 countries

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Reach your customers anywhere

Our up-to-date and comprehensive global coverage lets you validate addresses from around the world for global delivery. By verifying addresses up-front, our solutions can reduce failed delivery rates by up to 70%.

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Improved online shopping experiences

Our predictive type-ahead address lookup makes the shopping checkout experience a breeze by reducing the number of keystrokes and auto-completing address entry, minimising typing errors and optimising the overall customer experience.

Establish contact and build customer loyalty

Our data cleansing technology lets you validate your customer database with ease. It ensures contact details are current and valid, enabling you to better reach and engage your customers.

Address Verification

Improved experiences with real-time address validation

Search and validate any address in the world as you type, to ensure the right address is captured accurately and quickly during the onboarding or checkout process.

Address verification with real time address validation
Graphic illustrating email and phone validation checks

Email and Phone Validation

Accurate data for effective customer communications

Capture the right email and phone contacts at the point of entry, or validate in batch to ensure your customer database is current and accurate, so that you can maintain communication and reach customers via email, phone or an address location.

Why choose GBG

We understand the impetus to optimise online conversions in ways that do not add friction or complexity to the overall customer experience. The increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape means merchants need to be vigilant about how they manage data and deliver products at the standards customers expect, without compromising on security. Our online shopping checkout solutions leverage Loqate, a fast, accurate, and predictive address verification and capture solution that is used more than 70 million times a day.

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