Application Fraud

Improve customer onboarding efficiency and grow your business in the digital world whilst mitigating fraud risk with our precise, real-time risk detection and decisioning solutions.

Reduce fraud loss

Identify up to 30% more online fraud with layered intelligence and advanced analytics, minimise financial fraud losses, and build digital trust with customers.

Faster customer onboarding

Automate fraud risk assessments and enable real-time application processing to onboard customers quicker without compromising on user experience or risk management.

Increase operational efficiency

Leverage straight through application processing and reduce false positives by up to 20% to improve efficiency for fraud investigators.

Automated application review

Proven and proactive application fraud defence

Our proven solution is scalable, allowing businesses to be agile and resilient in their application fraud defence. Leveraging our advanced fraud risk management platform together with proven best practice frameworks, the solution automates application fraud risk detection and decisioning in real-time.

Layered data intelligence

Orchestrate solutions against complex application frauds

With an array of advanced capabilities and data intelligence, our platform lets you orchestrate strong layered defences against evolving and increasingly complex application fraud typologies.

Advanced Analytics

Improve accuracy and efficiency with advanced fuzzy match and machine learning

Our machine learning capability supports supervised, unsupervised and custom models that learn and adapt continuously to detect new fraud patterns and potential risk indicators, keeping your fraud detection strategy current.

Trusted by over 20,000 clients in over 70 countries.

What our fraud fighting customers are saying


We are saving a lot of money that is passed onto honest customers via lower premiums.
Paula Howett, Fraud and Risk Quality Manager, Ageas

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