Instinct Hub

Application Fraud Management

Instinct Hub is an application fraud and compliance risk management platform that helps you prevent financial crimes when onboarding customers for new services across channels.


Trusted by over 20,000 companies

Stay agile in your financial crime defence

With the evolving nature of cyber and financial crimes, your approach to fraud prevention needs to be agile and proactive. Instinct Hub helps you stay updated and detect onboarding fraud effectively by using adaptive machine learning and additional risk assessment capabilities.


Detect new and complex frauds

Identify potential fraudulent attempts by uncovering imperceptible risk indicators and anomalies, leveraging adaptive analytics, alternative intelligence, and ongoing account monitoring across the customer journey.

Improve fraud operation efficiency

Automate fraud detection with efficient rule matching and real-time decisioning. Detect up to 30% more fraud while reducing false positives with machine learning.

Orchestrate multi-layer fraud defence

Strengthen fraud detection and decisioning by layering additional intelligence derived from phone, email, IP, device, or behavioural risk assessment capabilities via the Intelligence Center.

Scalable deployment with flexible design

Our platform is designed for fast and scalable solution deployment to support your financial crime strategies and business needs.

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