Identity Document Verification Service

Keep your business safe by swiftly verifying identity documentation at the point of onboarding without impacting customer experience.

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Secure onboarding, completed quickly

Within seconds, we can tell you if the identity document being presented is genuine, helping you to make quick, evidence-based decisions and onboard legitimate customers without friction while staying compliant.

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Comprehensive verification

Thanks to advanced algorithms, state-of-the-art colour wave technology, and a global library of document templates, we can verify a wide range of documents from all over the world submitted by your customers via your website or mobile app.

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Maximise fraud reduction

Detect and deter identity fraud while prioritising the customer experience with seamless data, document, and biometric verification. You can be confident in onboarding customers you can trust.

Awards & Recognition

Chartis RiskTech Quadrant 2020 - AML Solutions

Recognised as Category Leader for AML Solutions

Chartis RiskTech Quadrant 2020 - KYC Solutions

Recognised as Category Leader for KYC Solutions

Chartis RiskTech 100 2021

Ranked 25th out of 100 risk technology vendors

Smart Capture technology

Automatically recognise and classify identity documents within seconds

Our You Only Look Once (YOLO) technology captures high-quality images by combining multiple frames to eliminate blur and glare, ensuring a smooth customer experience. Smart Capture also uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), genuine presence verification (via liveness checks), and physical and digital tamper detection.

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Document Tamper Detection

Detect digitally or physically tampered documents in seconds

Using digital and physical tamper detection methods, our technology inspects document image metadata and checks for signs of advanced photo editing. Our machine learning technology also detects physical image tampering methods, including face substitutions and recaptured images.

Document Library

Access a vast document library for maximum fraud protection

Our document library is one of the largest and fastest-growing registries of identification documents anywhere in the world. Having access to this incredible resource allows you to securely onboard customers on a global scale.

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Near-Field Communication

Extract verification data from RFID-chipped ID documents with 100% accuracy

Our NFC capability eliminates the need for users to fill in registration forms, prevents input errors, and protects against fraud. We provide the complex cryptography needed to verify the authenticity and information on a document’s digitally-signed RFID chip within seconds.


Deliver definitive ID verification results with revolutionary FaceMatch technology

Take digital identity verification to the next level by verifying the selfie of the person presenting the identity document against the ID photo on the document in real-time. FaceMatch checks and compares the facial biometrics of the captured selfie with the ID photo so you can trust they are the same person.

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Active and passive liveness checks

Strengthen biometric verification against spoof and impersonation

Deter and detect fraud with the power of AI and neural networks. Ensure the person in the captured selfie is real with established genuine presence using our cutting-edge liveness detection technology without disrupting the customer's onboarding experience.

Trusted by over 20,000 clients in over 70 countries, we verify more than 1.75 million IDs for ANZ businesses each month. Partner with us and grow your business.

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We’ve checked almost 4000 people in just a few months. We couldn’t have done it without GBG.
Linda Houze, Senior HR Manager, States of Jersey

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