Thin-File and Unbanked Customer Onboarding

Our solutions provide intelligent and alternative ways of verifying customers and assessing their credit risks. This includes solutions particularly designed to enable smooth onboarding processes for thin-file and unbanked customers, including customers new to banking and those without a credit history.

Whether your customers are fresh graduates opening their first bank account, or from an emerging market and looking for digital-first financial products, our customer onboarding solutions help address the challenges of assessing thin-file and unbanked customer segments.

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Reach more customers

Grow your business in new markets with new customers, who may have limited traditional documentation or banking history.

Easier onboarding processes

Our alternative assessment processes happen in the background to ensure the customer onboarding experience is not interrupted, and genuine customers are onboarded quickly.

Get a fuller view of your customers

Leverage advanced risk assessment capabilities and alternative intelligence to complement or supplement limited identity information, strengthening the overall risk assessment and delivering better assurance.

Identity Data Verification

Fast and secure onboarding checks

Verify identity details quickly and securely to ensure good customers are onboarded, while preventing fraud and satisfying compliance regulators.

Identity Document Verification

Frictionless document authentication

Keep your business safe by verifying your customers against their identity document at the point of onboarding without impacting customer experience.

Application Fraud Management

Advanced machine learning alerts

Detect and prevent application fraud with our proven application fraud solution, leveraging machine learning and advanced intelligence, while ensuring frictionless customer onboarding experiences.

Why choose GBG

We understand that every customer is unique and matters to your business. Our thin-file and unbanked customer onboarding solutions are configurable to help your business reach and service as many genuine customers as possible, no matter their location or stage in life. Our solutions include automated application reviews, digital credit scoring, email and phone risk assessments, and IP risk assessments, to provide alternative methods for assessing your customers’ validity and risk, enabling you to confidently grow your business.

Expert insights and customer stories

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