Identity Document Verification

Our always-on, tech-first document verification helps protect you and your customers against fraud losses.


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Build trust & confidence with a more secure & convenient user experience

IDscan helps our customers quickly and easily validate their customers' ID documents. Our ability to layer documents with data gives you a highly accurate decision rate and the most effective solution in the market.


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Decide who makes the grade by configuring the authentication rules to automatically accept, decline and refer decisions based on your own approach to risk.


Verify the identities of people around the world quickly and easily and ensure you stay compliant with global regulations using software specially designed for worldwide trading.

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Breadth of data

Access a range of data from trusted sources to better understand your customers and keep your business protected.

Best technology

Have complete confidence in our resilient technology which adheres to the highest level of security standards.

Features and capabilities

Liveness Detection

Check for liveness with a selfie to ensure the user is a real person.

Document Tamper Detection

Detect digital or physical tampering to ensure document authenticity.

Smart Capture

Capture best quality images of the presented document for verification.

Data Extraction

Extract identity data using OCR or NFC from RFID-chipped documents in an instant with maximum accuracy.

YOLO (You Only Look Once) Document Library

Leverage our growing global registry of identity documents from around the world.


Match a user’s selfie against an ID photo on a document to verify if they are the same person.

Investigation Studio

Review verification results for approval, investigation or reporting.

Frequently asked questions

We can authenticate more than 4,000 different global identity document types.

Optical Character Recognition is the identification of printed characters via an electronic device or software.

The analysis may return a refer result if we are unable to authenticate the document. The most common reasons for this are low quality, cropped document, high glare or shadowing.

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