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Powered by the most accurate global location intelligence data sourced from a range of worldwide data banks updated daily, our award-winning technology delivers exceptional user experience to every customer, wherever they are. Used more than 70 million times a day, Loqate is a fast, accurate and predictive address verification and capture solution that is simple to use and supported by a global team of specialists.


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Award-winning location intelligence for businesses of all sectors and sizes

By combining precision technology with the most complete and accurate global address databases, our slick and easy to integrate products can help any business in the world reach any customer, no matter where they may live. Loqate lets your business take advantage of continuously enhanced global knowledge and local insights, allowing any organisation, regardless of size, location or sector, to boost conversions, generate more business and retain more customers.

Reach a global audience

With applications across more than 245 countries and territories worldwide, 130 supported address formats and over 3,000 languages, reaching international customer bases is simple.

Reduce failed deliveries

Save both time and money by verifying addresses up-front through enhanced data cleansing techniques, in turn reducing failed delivery rates by up to 70%.

Exceptional user experiences

With over 20,000 happy customers worldwide, every solution is focused on enhancing customer experience, as well as saving your business time and money.

Improve conversion rates

Using proven and trusted technology, optimising your customer’s journey ensures maximum conversions and completions, increasing profits in the process.

The world's most trusted specialist for location intelligence data

Regardless of your industry or location, our innovative technology can be implemented quickly to ensure your business' verification processes operate seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters - running your business.

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