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We help you understand who you’re doing business with, and any risks they pose to your business.

As digital customer interactions increase, our end-to-end fraud and compliance risk management platform enables fast and accurate decisions across the customer journey. Thousands of organisations rely on our award-winning technology every day to orchestrate multi-layered defence against evolving financial crimes, while delivering secure and frictionless digital customer experiences.

The market leader in fraud detection, compliance, and risk management for financial crimes

Our advanced capabilities, data intelligence, and comprehensive ecosystem of best-in-class risk managers enables businesses to stay vigilant amid the acceleration of digital adoption and financial crime. Our end-to-end fraud and compliance solutions provide multi-layered protection against synthetic identity fraud, first-party fraud detection, account takeovers, social engineering, money mule crimes, money laundering, terrorist financing, and more.

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Increase fraud savings, reduce losses

Minimise total fraud losses, reduce operational costs, and stay protected against the latest fraud threats and typologies.

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Comply with regulation

Follow the latest regulations and compliance requirements as they evolve, with greater efficiency and fewer resources.

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Frictionless customer experience

Grow your business and deliver smooth digital customer journeys without sacrificing safety or security.

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Increase alert accuracy, reduce false positives

Our multi-layered scoring approach adds more context to each decision, and more accuracy and power to each detection.

Why choose GBG

Here at GBG, we make fraud detection and compliance management processes as simple as possible for your business. Regardless of your industry or location, our solutions help tackle your fraud and compliance challenges to deliver the value you need, allowing you to focus on what matters - running your business.

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