Digital Risk Management & Intelligence Platform

GBG Digital Risk Management & Intelligence Platform enables effective fraud risk detection across the customer journey, from onboarding to transaction.


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Enable safe and frictionless customer onboarding and transaction journeys

Integrating seamlessly with your core banking system, our Digital Risk Management & Intelligence Platform detects and prevents financial crimes effectively, without interrupting your customer onboarding or transaction experience. The platform lets you keep up with complex and evolving frauds using machine learning, advanced risk assessment capabilities, and intelligence.


Holistic fraud prevention

Approach financial crime prevention holistically by monitoring customer accounts from onboarding to transaction, detecting anomalies and potential risk with machine learning and advanced intelligence.

Frictionless real-time decisioning

Enable frictionless risk assessment and decisioning without interrupting the customer onboarding or transaction experiences by leveraging efficient and advanced fuzzy match algorithms.

Detect evolving and complex frauds effectively

Detect evolving and emerging fraud typologies by leveraging adaptive machine learning and additional risk intelligence.

Scalable fraud solutions

Our platform is designed for scalable solution deployment based on your fraud strategy requirements and business needs.

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