Machine Learning

Detect complex financial frauds with predictive analytics and deep learning.

Machine Learning

Stay updated as you combat financial crime

Counter evolving financial crimes by using machine learning to detect both known and unknown potential frauds, protecting your business and customers across the onboarding and transaction journey, while ensuring a frictionless customer experience.

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Significant fraud detection improvement

Our machine learning (ML) models can detect 80% more frauds that may have otherwise bypassed traditional rule-based approaches.

Improve operational efficiency

Detect close to 30% more frauds. Reduce false positives by at least 40% to efficiently optimise your investigation resources.

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Empower your fraud and data science team

Equipped with a machine learning toolkit, your fraud and data science team can develop fraud models using the included algorithms, or import Python-based custom models.

Support model governance requirements

Our machine learning supports an open model development process that offers a transparent view of the modelling parameters and contributing features associated with a specified fraud score.

Automate model updates

Stay on top of evolving fraud with continuous autonomous model training by leveraging new incoming fraud pattern and investigation outcome data, maintaining model performance, and mitigating deterioration risk.

Automate model updates
Fraud modelling toolkit

Comprehensive fraud modelling toolkit

Build fraud models using the included supervised or unsupervised machine learning algorithms proven for effective fraud detection, or import pre-trained Python-based custom models.

 Model performance optimisation

An open design environment lets expert users build, train, test, and compare multiple models using different algorithms and modelling approaches to fine-tune and optimise performance.

Model perfomance optimisation
Transparent model development

Transparent model development

Contributing features to fraud results are displayed to the investigator along with the score and an activity audit log to provide model transparency compliance.

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