Enhancing protection in global digital transactions

As the adoption of eCommerce and digital transaction grows around the world, digital transaction risk management has become a critical consideration for security and digital fraud prevention. Using real-time fraud detection solutions, fraudulent activity monitoring for cybercrimes, social engineering scams and account takeover fraud can stop criminal activity.

Bolstering online transaction security

Effective transaction fraud prevention starts with digital transaction monitoring. Using a solution that provides transaction anomaly detection, abnormal transactions can be flagged for potential fraud. This helps to secure payment gateways and customer safety when transacting digitally.

Machine learning fraud detection can effectively employ multi-layered fraud prevention methods to detect and combat new fraud typologies faster than manual review can catch on. This digital transaction security measure catches and automatically flags newly discovered vulnerabilities, limiting criminal activity and losses.

Advanced account takeover protection

Criminals can gain access to accounts using a variety of methods, including phishing and social engineering scams. On many different online platforms, customers are likely to have payment details saved to their accounts, making it possible for criminals to make unauthorised transactions if they gain access. For banking, compromised customer account security represents an immediate and severe risk of financial loss.

Fraud pattern recognition based on sets of rules, e.g. customer transaction patterns, provides stronger online payment security when potentially suspicious transactions occur.

Where criminals are rapidly evolving in fraud methodology, transaction monitoring solutions are a must-have to combat attempts. Digital transaction protection builds trust and confidence in customers as they participate in an increasingly globalised economy.

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