Money laundering – what every casino needs to know

With casinos open again, social distancing isn’t the only thing casinos need to be concerned about.

Players across the world have been stuck at home, and while some may have taken advantage of available online casino options, cash has remained firmly in situ. For fraudsters the prospect of casinos reopening means a chance for them to recommence their money laundering activities.

Money laundering can come in many forms and tends to follow three steps: placement - getting the money into the system, layering - moving the money around the system, and integration - consolidating the money through transactions to make it appear clean.

Casinos can be a money laundering haven if the right measures are not in place, due to the high volume of cash that they deal with daily, along with their relatively anonymity and numbers across the country.

By trading in dirty money for playing chips and then cashing out with clean money, a fraudster can walk away with legal money in a matter of hours.

So how do you ensure your casino is ready for the demand and prepared to stop fraudsters before they enter or leave your premises? And how do you do all that while offering a good experience to honest players?

Here’s how:

Document verification

Use hardware scanners to instantly recognise and verify legitimate identity documents upon entry. Immediately spot counterfeit and forged documents and deny access to bad players.

Biometric checks

Match the player on the ID with the player standing in front of you by adding facial scanning to your point of entry. This will remove the need for employees to match the ID and player, wiping out any chance of human error.  

Database verification

Run the player’s identity against third-party databases to check if they are sanctioned or have been flagged by other operators.

Review regulation

From the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information of the Payer) Regulations 2017 to the most recent closed-door policy guidelines, ensure that you review your compliance procedures.

Ultimately, you need to ensure that you know your players. The quickest way to do this is to have trust and confidence in your document verification.

With Cifas recently reporting a rise in document fraud that now affects digital channels, the simple forms, such as documents, can’t be overlooked.

 Find out how are hardware scanners, can help you provide your good players with a seamless experience while stopping fraud before it can enter your casino.

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