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Identity verification solutions are essential in the legal profession. Streamline your client onboarding processes and remain 100% compliant with our easy to integrate identity verification and fraud prevention solutions.

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All legal professionals in the UK have an obligation to verify the identity of potential clients before representing them. Our compliant identity checks quickly and accurately validate identities and prevent fraud.

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Combine multiple bespoke solutions

Legal identity checks can be long-winded and complicated. Combine multiple solutions, like compliant fraud management techniques and thorough documentation checks, to remove operational complexity.

Access data quickly

Whether you’re simply validating an identity or conducting client background screening, our solutions return the results you need quickly and efficiently.

Fully compliant client onboarding

Compliant client onboarding is an important requirement for legal professionals. Our bespoke client onboarding solutions detect potential fraud or compliance risks to keep you and your firm legally compliant and secure.

Identity data verification

Cutting edge KYC & AML checks

Know exactly who you’re taking on as clients and if they are financially exposed or vulnerable with worldwide Know Your Customer and Anti-money laundering compliant onboarding. Run comprehensive screening checks, including international PEPs and Sanctions checks, to ensure you can manage the risks associated with each individual you represent.

GBG Know Your Customer KYC
Identity data verification solution | GBG

Identity data verification

Fast identity data verification

Gain access to a comprehensive selection of global data sources to verify and validate client identities rapidly. This streamlined process ensures you and your firm remain safeguarded and compliant.

Identity document verification

Accurate identity document verification

When it comes to client onboarding in the legal profession, speed, accuracy and security are essential. From biometric checks to access to our Forensic Document Experts (FDE) team, combine a selection of comprehensive techniques to ensure you verify all ID documents before taking on a client.

Address Verification

Fast address verification

Our solutions help validate postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers instantly, reducing costly errors and making legal records as accurate as possible.

Why choose GBG

At GBG, we understand that identification verification and client background screening is essential for legal professionals. No matter what your clients are using as a form of identity and whether they have a hidden criminal past or a financially vulnerable background, our arsenal of industry-leading identity, fraud and location intelligence solutions help you as a legal professional know exactly who you are dealing with when you take on a new client.

Our bespoke identity verification and application fraud prevention solutions can be integrated into your existing legal onboarding systems effortlessly, not only keeping you and your firm safeguarded, but also keeping you 100% compliant.

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