Prove genuine presence

Detect deepfakes and prevent impersonation fraud with liveness tests to run alongside FaceMatch facial recognition.

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Detect genuine presence with liveness detection

Liveness testing is another important security step for remote identity proofing with documents. Running alongside facial recognition, liveness or ‘presentation attack detection’ prevents attempts to spoof the system with deepfake images or silicone masks when submitting selfie images. It ensures the person submitting biometric data is real and genuinely present at the time.

Complete biometric protection

Securely authenticate facial recognition with liveness testing for genuine customer presence.

Enhance identity security

Liveness testing and detection deliver extra identity fraud protection for lower risk tolerance.

Secure customer onboarding

Quickly secure identity proofing with passive liveness checks for faster customer onboarding.


Prevent impersonation fraud

Liveness or ‘presentation attack’ detection provides an important security layer for FaceMatch checks, ensuring that the person submitting a selfie image is real and genuinely present at the time that biometric data is captured. 

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Certified liveness assurance

Our passive liveness detection technology is certified to ISO/IEC 30107 Level 2, ensuring swift, successful liveness assurance, biometric authentication and identity proofing that protects your business from identity fraud. 

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Document tamper detection

Tamper detection is another important protection for document-centric identity proofing. Securely check for physical photo and text tampering, digital alterations to images as well as physical document presence. 

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Liveness detection can be ‘active’, which requires the applicant to do something such as smiling or blinking to prove that they are alive, or ‘passive’, which doesn’t require any additional action.

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