GBG "Best of Breed" in Chartis AML Market Analysis
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GBG "Best of Breed" in Chartis AML Market Analysis

Chartis Reaserch, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology, named GBG as Best of Breed in the vendor market for compliance solutions that help organisations with anti-money laundering (AML), watchlist monitoring and further regulatory obligations.

The report, Chartis’ first dedicated anti-money laundering report, focuses on key trends in the dynamic market, including customer experience, operational impact and industry diversification. It includes a Chartis RiskTech Quadrant (R) that maps the potential and offering of AML/watchlist monitoring solution vendors. Inclusion in the best of breed category speaks to GBG’s best-in-class solutions, notable market share, and distinguished client base.

GBG’s unique identity data intelligence solution provides businesses and organisations with access to billions of records across half the global population via frictionless SaaS, mobile and on-premise platforms. GBG’s end to end AML and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) management suite effectively and efficiently manages regulatory risk across the entire customer journey from the point of onboarding through to ongoing monitoring. The GBG solutions that prevent money laundering, monitor transactions and screen names include:

Customer onboarding: KYC Identification, PEP & Sanction Name Screening.

GBG ID3global validates and verifies an individual's identity against a wide range of electronic data sources and ID documents including financial information.

Customer due diligence: Customer Risk Rating, Customer Due Diligence, Watchlist Filtering, PEP & Sanction Name Screening.

GBG Instinct delivers a comprehensive risk rating assessment through simultaneous analysis of multiple data sets. A visual data map displays the connections between current and past customer data points. Machine learning enhances the predictive power of GBG Instinct’s Risk Rating Assessment.

Orchestration connects the dots in a single onboarding risk management solution tailored for a digital world. Data intelligence drives KYC, CDD and AML decisions.

Bureau/Consortium provides a community approach incorporating open sharing and collaborative defence against fraud among GBG clients.

Customer monitoring: AML transaction monitoring, suspicious behaviour analysis.

GBG Predator monitors all transactions in real-time to identify unusual activity based on risk rating algorithms, historical data, reference databases and intuitive case management.

GBG has a diverse portfolio of clients using their KYC and AML solutions with representation from a cross-section of industries including traditional financial organisations, alternative lenders, fintech firms, insurance providers and betting/gaming operators. GBG’s breadth and depth of knowledge across sectors have contributed to their continued success in the compliance and financial crime management space.

Sav Pushparajah, GBG’s Head of Product - Fraud/AML, says: “GBG is committed to continually developing innovative solutions that enable organisations to effectively combat financial crime at every point in the customer journey and lifecycle. Our team works closely and collaboratively with customers, industry leaders and partners, to drive world-class solutions that leverage the best in technology, data, and expertise. GBG is proud to be part of the compliance and risk management community and, likewise, to be recognised by Chartis Research for our contribution in the space.”

GBG will continue to focus on technology and data innovations including artificial and augmented intelligence, machine learning and collaborative defence. These will continue to empower GBG’s clients to combat financial crime, delight customers and improve internal processes.

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