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Streamline customer onboarding processes, successfully detect telecoms application fraud, and remain 100% industry compliant, with our smart identity verification for telcos solutions.

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Identity, application and subscription crime represents up to 40% of all fraud that occurs in the industry, according to the CFCA. Our telco document verification solutions prevent fraud, saves time and money and helps ensure smooth customer experiences.

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Secure telecoms onboarding

Using state-of-the-art techniques, we handle document verification for telecommunications companies to protect businesses from sophisticated forms of application fraud from the point of onboarding. Our methods include advanced biometric verification checks.

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Frictionless customer experiences

Our telecoms solutions allow for a speedy, user-friendly and totally frictionless customer experience, while also ensuring comprehensive customer identity checks can be carried out to protect your business and its customers.

Fully compliant methods

Identity verification and fraud prevention is essential in telecommunications onboarding. Our identity, fraud and location intelligence solutions keep your business secure, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Identity Document Verification

New customer onboarding made simple

Telcos customer security is essential for both your business and the new customer onboarding. Our cutting edge document verification solutions ensure that telecommunication application fraud attempts are detected early, while also keeping your business compliant, and customers satisfied.

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Identity Data Verification

Verify the identity of almost any customer, anywhere in the world

With access to a comprehensive selection of global data sources, our identity data verification solutions make customer onboarding in telecommunications fast and simple. This streamlined process makes sure your business is safeguarded, while also removing unnecessary roadblocks that could see potential customers look elsewhere.

Address Verification

Verified customer data for better customer experiences

Customer onboarding in telcos should be a quick and user-friendly process that also provides exceptional protection against fraud. Our solutions help streamline customer journeys, while also increasing the accuracy of information stored in your databases through smart data capture solutions.

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Why choose GBG

At GBG, we understand that when it comes to telecommunications, identity verification is key. That’s why we offer bespoke identity verification and application fraud prevention solutions that can be integrated into your existing systems. No matter where in the world your customers are based and what they are using as a form of identity, our arsenal of industry-leading identity, fraud and location intelligence solutions help your telecommunications organisation to prevent fraud from the point of onboarding, while also striving to improve user experience and keep your company fully compliant.

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