Data-led discovery

Follow a clear and comprehensive data trail to reveal hidden connections and complete your investigation.

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Follow clear data evidence

GBG Investigate brings together billions of data records from disparate specialist sources to create the UK's largest personal identifiable information database. Clear graph visualisation display and data-linking analysis help investigators follow this data trail to discover hidden connections between people, businesses and property.

Display visual link analysis

Smart graph visualisation displays data-linking analysis to reveal clear lines of investigation.

Get the complete picture

Combine Investigate's extensive data records with your business’ customer, employee or fraud data.

Discover hidden connections

Discover hidden links between people, property and business and locate missing individuals.

"GBG Investigate has helped us to detect and prevent tens or even hundreds of millions of pounds of fraud. "
Mr Lilburn, Operations Director | Cyber Defence Alliance


Discover hidden connections

GBG Investigate helps public and private organisations discover fraud and reconnect with customers; its powerful matching algorithms link and merge data from disparate specialist sources to help investigators follow the data trail.

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Display visual link analysis

Smart graph visualisation gives a 360-degree view of an individual, property or business, helping investigators reveal hidden relationships, surfacing new leads in criminal and fraud cases and locating missing individuals in minutes.


Special investigatory databases

GBG Investigate’s linked data sources include enhanced personal contact, financial, property and fraud datasets – including details on commercial and private property ownership and purchase history, helping to reveal new lines of enquiry.


360-degree data linking

Build your investigation by securely combining your customer, employee or fraud data with the billions of data records in Investigate, delivering 360-degree data-linking discovery with full data control and compliance for your business.

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No. GBG Investigate also offers a powerful API that connects your existing data systems and workflows to its data sources, assisting you in your investigation or contact strategies.

GBG Investigate combines many official UK citizen, financial, property and fraud data sources to create a unique, specialist investigative resource and the UK's largest personal identifiable information database. Our data experts consistently monitor and verify these sources for quality and updates.

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