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At GBG we help your business build online customer relationships based on trust, while keeping the fraudsters at bay.

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Every day we build trust, partnering with your business to ensure you can transact online at speed and with confidence.


Definitive identity document and data decisions in seconds with biometric authentication.


Global data coverage for breadth and depth of identity-matching decisions worldwide.

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30+ years of trusted expertise in identity verification and fraud management solutions.

Trusted by over 20,000 companies around the world

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Onboard customers quickly and safely

Trust our digital identity verification technologies and global data coverage to deliver a smooth customer onboarding experience for your business.

GBG Automate Ongoing Monitoring Checks

Automate your business compliance

Trust know your customer checks to meet the latest regulations and compliance requirements as they evolve, with greater efficiency and fewer resources.

Protect your business from fraud

Trust our fraud and compliance risk management platform to provide multi-layered protection and make fast and accurate decisions on identity and transactions.

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