Trust your team: Why you should allow them to Work When & Where THEY Want

Trust your team: Why you should allow them to Work When & Where THEY Want

Our Chief People Officer James Miller discusses why GBG trusts its team to work when and where they want.

Work is something you do, not somewhere you go. Especially in a technology-led global business. There is no such thing as the typical 9-5 workday. 

More and more, employees are looking for flexibility from their employer.  In fact, it's one of the most sought after benefits at the moment.  We believe getting this right creates a win:win for the business and the team member. Embracing flexible working is not telling your employees that they can choose to work from home on Monday and Friday, and attend the office Tuesday to Thursday – something I am seeing and hearing far too often at the moment!  When a team member gets the job done, meets their objectives and are successfully developing in their role, it shouldn’t matter where or when that happens.

GBG is ‘Building Trust in a Digital World'. And not just for our customers. At GBG our team members work in this digital world. We want to create an environment where people are trusted, and the culture of the business enables them to 'work when and where they want'. As part of our commitment to our team and flexible working approach, we have created a Work When and Where You Want Policy to give our team members choice and empowerment, and to support a balance in work and home life. Based on Trust.

This policy allows all our team members to have:

  • Flexibility with their working pattern that works for both them and the business
  • No set number of days to attend a GBG office
  • A choice to work from the office, home, or a mix of the two (so called ‘hybrid working’)
  • A choice to work from a coffee shop, holiday home or even another country
  • The option to combine work and holiday to another country/state/province for a more prolonged period - up to 90 calendar days in a rolling 12-month period
  • Use of any of our vibrant hub offices for collaboration and human connection
  • Empowerment on where and when they work
  • Less need for formal changes to Contractual T&C’s to accommodate needs
  • Simple and clear processes to follow to enable the above 

Over the past year, our team have worked successfully in a fully remote world. Whilst our 1,000 team members worked from home (or wherever they were!) we had one of our most successful years to date - whether measured by our team engagement scores, customer NPS, or financial results! And that's just one of the many reasons we continue to grow, and are recruiting over 100 roles across Technology, Sales, Marketing and People. If you'd like to hear more about GBG, this Policy or the possibility of joining us, please get in touch.

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