IDC Infobrief

Build, Buy or Rent: Evaluating an Effective Strategy to Fight Rising Financial Crime and Fraud in Asia/Pacific

Every financial institution (FI) is faced with different considerations and requirements governing its fraud and financial crime management strategy. A sound strategy, fundamentally, needs to meet regulatory requirements, be sustainable, to achieve a certain longevity to combat increasingly complex existing and emerging fraud typologies. Yet, many FIs are still caught in a dilemma today.

GBG has commissioned this IDC Infobrief to be used as a consultative guide to help FIs perform due diligence in evaluating critical parameters and triangulate into a decision for their next-gen anti-fraud solution.

Report Highlights

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The fraud and financial crime landscape in APAC

The reality of digital fraud/financial crime in financial services post COVID-19

Business challenges impeding real-time detection of fraud and financial crime

What a next-gen age financial crime management system requires

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Build, buy, or rent – Which strategy for the new-age anti-fraud solution?

Variables to evaluate in the respective build, buy and rent strategies

Download the IDC Infobrief, commissioned by GBG, to derive an anti-fraud investment decision that is effective and sustainable