Partnership Types
at GBG

Partnerships are key to our growth, not just across Asia Pacific but globally. We work with various types of partners to extend industry leading identity and fraud solutions to customers.

Why partner with GBG?

Enhance your existing solutions. Integrate our customisable technology into your overall existing solutions with ease to enhance your service, benefit your customers and remain fully compliant.

Solution Partners

Solution partners complement our identity and fraud proposition in the industry. We work with both Data and Technology partners in the region.

Data Partners

Do you provide data to support online identity verification or to detect fraudulent activity? Integrate your data into our solutions to prevent fraud, enhance digital trust and simplify online user experiences.

Technology Partners

Have you developed innovative identity verification or fraud prevention technology? We work with technology partners to combine expertise. This combined capability together with our existing data assets, enhances our identity verification, fraud prevention and compliance solutions.

Channel Partners

Referral Partners

If you can leverage your networks and refer customers to GBG who are looking to invest in a comprehensive identity verification or fraud solution as a part of their digital transformation journey, we'd like to have you as our partner.

Resell Partners

Why become a Reseller?

Witness real business growth. Partner with GBG to resell or deploy market leading solutions and achieve scalable and repeatable revenue streams.

What are your business’ identity and fraud solution requirements?

If you deliver an automated identity verification service, run a platform, are a global or regional systems integrator in need of ID or fraud solutions that you could resell to customers, we’d love to partner with you.

If you are a consultancy and render expert advice to customers in the area of identity verification and fraud solutions, we would love to explore synergies and work with you as your solution partner. As a Consultant, you gain by recommending an industry leading portfolio of identity and fraud solutions, help customers address business challenges and create a profit centre for yourself.

If you are a software vendor/ solution provider and keen to bundle our identity and fraud solutions along with your solution to help customers with an end-to-end solution, we look forward to partnering with you.

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