GBG’s market leading solution, greenID, expands to offer complete end to end digital identity verification with cutting edge biometric and document verification
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GBG’s market leading solution, greenID, expands to offer complete end to end digital identity verification with cutting edge biometric and document verification

GBG announced the expansion of greenID, the Australian founded solution and industry leader in identity verification, to an end to end digital identity verification platform.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 25 February, 2021 : GBG (AIM:GBG), the global technology specialist in fraud and compliance management, identity verification and location data intelligence, today announced the expansion of greenID, the Australian founded solution and industry leader in identity verification, to an end to end digital identity verification platform. The new greenID Digital Identity Verification Platform is complete with biometric and document verification, data matching, and data intelligence to improve and accelerate the eKYC process.

Acquired by GBG in 2018, greenID has been helping organisations in Australia and New Zealand address regulatory and compliance requirements, anti-money laundering (AML) / Counter-Financing of Terrorism (CTF), PEPs and sanction since 2005. Each year, the solution services hundreds of organisations across the banking, superannuation, BNPL, finance and fintech, insurance, wagering, government, telco, education and legal sectors, and performs more than 21 million verifications.

In addition to a licensed Document Verification Service (DVS) identity service provider, greenID helps organisations complete mandatory identity verification checks using an extensive number of local data sources and has successfully scaled to manage verification spikes during carnivals like Melbourne Cup, all while adhering to international information security standards. The new greenID Digital Identity Verification Platform offers an increased range of unique local government and independent data sources, international data sources for 190 markets, and the option of facial biometric and document validation, to ensure more consumers can be successfully verified and onboarded at a higher level of speed and accuracy.

Organisations can now use greenID Digital Identity Verification Platform to automate their entire eKYC customer journey. Available services include document validation using driver’s licenses, passports, and visas; facial verification; identity data matching; data intelligence with address, phone and email validation; watchlist screening for AML/CTF/PEPs and sanction; and business verification.

Carol Chris, Regional General Manager Australia at GBG, said, “Organisations are looking to achieve both of these objectives while adhering to a regulated digital identity verification process – onboard as many legitimate customers as possible, and create fast and frictionless digital experiences for their customers. By continuously growing the number of local and international data sources in the greenID platform, organisations enjoy increased reach, access and peace of mind in onboarding customers. To create a fast and frictionless experience, the cutting edge biometrics and document verification technology within the greenID platform is designed to require consumers to do less while automating and accelerating facial and data extraction and matching.”

Chris continues, “What the new greenID platform brings to the market today is the result of 16 years of deep collective conversations with Australian and New Zealand firms. We have innovated to respond to organisations’ needs on end-to-end digital onboarding automation, achieving higher pass rates with quality customers, international identity verification capabilities, fraud and identity crime prevention at the eKYC phase, omnichannel integration, higher performance, reliability and security.”

Document and biometric verification

Enabled by advanced document and biometric verification technology, the platform provides organisations with the option to more succinctly onboard new customers within seconds in three simple steps:

  1. Scan ID: Smart Capture of identity document and intelligent data extraction
    • Detects best frame and conducts auto capture
    • Extracts, autocorrects, and validates data
    • Auto populates form
    • Verifies ID document and data against government and independent data sources

  2. Snap Selfie: Face match and passive liveness check in one single step
    • Matches selfie against ID
    • Deep neural network algorithm analyses texture, face composition, pixilation, surrounding, background, and lighting condition, all within seconds
    • Detects liveness using a selfie, without the user needing to do anything additional

  3. Complete verification: Confirms verification results against key data sources

Biometric verification determines if the ID and photo matches the person and if the applicant is indeed a real person. The liveness check ensures the 40,000 parameters of a face are matched using artificial intelligence (AI), and leverages an algorithm that recognises natural changes between the ID image and the selfie, such as changes in hair style, facial hair, make up, skin imperfections, varying facial expressions and reasonable age gaps. Different to other liveness checks, which commonly require users to complete a series of gestures or follow a set of instructions such as responding to flashing lights and can take several minutes, GBG’s solution utilises passive liveness single image technology, which takes seconds to determine if the applicant is legitimate and leaves no clue for fraudsters to emulate. For organisations that are wary about the abandonment rate in active liveness biometric process, which have been reported to reach up to 50 per cent, GBG’s use of single image passive liveness technology is 10 times faster, non-intrusive, easy-to-use and conserves bandwidth for rapid data exchange and validation.

Chris continued, “As the threat of identity crime and fraud continues to rise, we anticipate that our introduction of advanced biometric verification to the eKYC process can help organisations intelligently screen out bad actors early in the onboarding process. Time and again, we have seen synthetic ID, stolen ID, impersonation, spoofing and deepfake techniques used to get past identity verification systems; the level of sophistication embedded in the AI within the greenID biometric solution has proven effective in keeping these fraud tactics in check.”

The greenID Digital Identity Verification Platform offers iBeta 1 and Level 2 ISO 30107-3 compliant performance with a perfect Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test score for biometric, 99.99% high availability track record for proven reliability, and ISO 27001 certified to represent its high standard of information security management.

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