greenID™ Document Verification

Background checks on documents and images to determine authenticity.

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Fraud checks on globally recognised documents

Document validation lets users capture the required document and extract relevant data for verification easily using a smartphone or PC webcam. It authenticates the presented document against a comprehensive library of government-issued documents.

It captures the best quality image automatically while its physical tampering check detects if the original photograph on the document is legitimate and if it has been tampered or substituted.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology recognises the document format and data fields on the presented document. It extracts and validates the relevant data for populating corresponding data fields on the registration pages or CRM systems.

Recognises document type and detects the optimal frame for best quality image capture.

Ensure document authenticity against a reliable and comprehensive document library.

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Extract data accurately from document using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

Auto-fill forms to minimise entry errors and speed up onboarding process.

Reduce fraud through accurate automated document authentication.

Efficiently extract identity data directly from scanned documents.

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Global document library to assure document is genuine.

Easily integrated into your onboarding experiences.

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