greenID™ Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Our anti-money laundering solution helps you meet regulations and compliance requirements.

Anti Money Laundering software | GBG

Deliver a great user experience & be confident in customer identity

greenID™ maximises your business’ opportunity to sign up customers by providing a seamless customer experience during sign-up. The goal of greenID™ is to easily, quickly and accurately verify an individual’s identity and to maximize electronic verifications.

greenID™ helps you verify an individual’s name, address, date of birth and document identifier against independent and reliable data sources, online in real-time.

Verify identity

The core of greenID™ is secure, privacy-compliant real-time identity verification for KYC compliance and fraud detection

Global document authentication

Global document library to assure authenticity and efficiently extract identity data directly from scanned documents

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Biometric identity verification

Low cost, more accurate alternative to face-to-face verification

Global sanction and PEP list screening

Effective and seamless AML/CTF compliance and business risk mitigation

greenID Customers

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