Why GBG? Helping you make sense of your customer & employee data

About us

We are GBG, global specialists in Identity Data Intelligence. Put simply, we really understand the data behind people, revealing who they are, what they like - and what they don’t.

We do this by combining trillions of data records relating to people’s identity, from all over the world. And we use this information to help our clients make the right decisions about their customers and employees.

We operate in 3 main areas

Fraud, risk & compliance

Protect against fraud & loss without the risk of non-compliance

Customer & location intelligence

Managing data quality through customer and location intelligence

Employee screening solutions

Verify existing workers and new recruits, wherever you, or they, are in the world

What is identity?

Identity is what makes each of us unique. It's the characteristics that define us. And in an increasingly digital world, identity is dynamic. Social media and mobile technology mean the lines between offline and online, and public and private, have become increasingly blurred. 



  • Fingerprints
  • Retina
  • Voice
  • DNA


  • Interests
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Usage patterns


  • Name & address
  • Passport
  • Social security
  • Education qualifications


  • Device ID
  • IP address
  • Social ID
  • Cookies

But identity is important to all of us. To an individual it’s what makes you, well, you. And to a business, understanding customer's or employee's identity allows you to deliver a uniquely personal experience. All without introducing unnecessary risk.

Data is good

We believe identity data is a force for good. It enables us to use the Web quickly and easily. Identity data intelligence provides the additional layer of risk management to keep us all safe.

Office locations

Our head office is in Chester in the UK, but we have teams in 24 locations all over the world.

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Working at GBG

People engagement at GBG is consistently above 80%. We're always looking for the best talent to join our team.

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