15 Simple Tips to Create World Class Email Marketing

Published: Wednesday August 07, 2013

Creating world class emails will help increase deliverability, opens, clicks, customer engagement and return on investment. 

Here are our tips to help you create world class email marketing:

  1. Include an unsubscribe link – this is a legal requirement.
  2. Make all links part of the sentence; for example “For more information download the digest” where the words “download the digest” are the link. Avoid using “click here”.  This is for two reasons; firstly most people can identify what a link is so “click here” is unnecessary copy in your email.  More importantly if a user is blind and the link is read to them using their computer or other device all links would appear the same and it wouldn’t be clear where clicking on the link would take them.
  3. Don’t put important text in images – if someone has images turned off they won’t see the message.
  4. Think about the top 30% of the screen which is often what people see in a preview pane.   Does it get your message across?  If it’s a big image and they have images turned off they will only see white space.
  5. Always include a plain text version of the email – email clients will decide which to deliver depending on the content of the email so if you don’t include one you are reducing the number of people who can potentially see your email.   Best practice would be to ask people in your list which version they prefer and your email client will manage the sending of this.
  6. Always include a link to view the email in a web browser – if people can’t see the email in this gives them an opportunity to view it online.
  7. Include a call to action – what do you want the recipient to do? Make this clear and remind them at the end of the email.
  8. Keep text short and use bullet points – as with any online reading people scan for the most important information.  Put more detailed content on a landing page which will encourage recipients to click through to find out more.
  9. Avoid using attachments – many email clients flag emails with attachments as spam
  10. Avoid using “spammy” words – for example ‘free’, ‘discount’, ‘offer’ and ‘awesome’ will mean more often than not the email will be delivered directly to people’s junk mail folders – never to be seen!
  11. Encourage people to add your address to their safe sender list. 
  12. Where appropriate encourage people to forward emails to a friend– these addresses cannot be added to your email marketing lists, but it broadens your audience and the recipient may themself choose to subscribe.
  13. Include a subscribe facility in all emails so that people can opt-in to your email mailing list.
  14. Where appropriate include “share to social” icons or links that allow the recipient to share the email content to social media.  (for more information about integrating social media into your email marketing download our Digital Digest on the top)
  15. Include images and text to make your email marketing engaging.  Be careful keep images to below 40%. The more images in your email the more likely it will be classed as spam.

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