Employee onboarding checks help reduce fraud

Hear from GBG's Mark Sugden about how employee onboarding checks help reduce fraud in your company:


So it's really important that you establish the identity of the individual that you're about to employ, because once you've established that identity, then any further checks that you make on that person are based on a bedrock of truth.
Are they legally allowed to work within the UK? Are there any skeletons within the cupboard?
One in three males between the ages of 18 and 52 actually have a criminal record, and if an individual's looking to defraud an organisation, if they have worked for that organisation for more than five years, they're likely to steal twice as much as an individual who's worked for an organisation less than five years.
Technology provides a consistent approach to establishing is that person who they say they are and are there any potential issues and potential red flags that would make HR departments think twice about employing that person?

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