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Case Study PassFort boosts fintech client’s pass rates by 4.6% with GBG

Automating KYC using GBG technology helped PassFort to significantly improve its fintech client's pass rates.

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Case Study Consors Finanz Case Study

Discover how Consors Finanz is using GBG Instinct to detect application fraud across all its channels and product lines.

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Case Study Saving time, money and lives with GBG Connexus

GBG Connexus is the Staffordshire Police’s primary tool for tackling county lines gangs, locating missing persons and much more.

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Case Study Wow World Group

Wow World Group chose GBG Online Disclosures for rapid, efficient and effective DBS checking across its entire network.

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Case Study The Phone Casino

Discover how The Phone Casino stays compliant and provides a great user experience using ID3global.

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Case Study Hall & Woodhouse

Hall and Woodhouse chose Right to Work from GBG partner NorthRow to replace time-consuming manual document checking and provide full visibility centrally of all document information.

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