Life at GBG with our Research and Development Analyst

In our continued series, we look at the daily lives and responsibilities of team members all across GBG. Our global team has a wide array of skillsets, nationalities and backgrounds, and no two roles are the same.

We talk to Cinar Yuzugullu, who works as a Research and Development Analyst in our Melbourne, Australia office.

I started out in banking, working in branches and HQs in Turkey and the Netherlands before I relocated to Australia. I was always interested in IT and computer science, and as time went by I became less and less interested in working in banking, so transitioned over to IT.

Before it was acquired by GBG, I joined DecTech as a developer and became responsible for managing our anti-fraud solution, GBG Predator. I was present throughout the acquisition process and last April I moved into an entirely new role as an R&D analyst at GBG.

My day to day role is split between a few different things. I’d say about 30% of my time is spent directly supporting teams with database tech issues, so anything surrounding code, as well as doing the same for on-site customer issues. 

A further 10-15% is spent attending design meetings; whenever a new product feature is proposed, the architecture has to be discussed and I have a big part in that process. The remainder of my work is based around the actual R&D, so testing features, comparing performances and building up a database.

Primarily, we work on integrating new technologies and creating single solutions for common issues across all products. This way, we can give all our teams the same resources rather than having to craft a bespoke solution for every new issue. In the same vein, we’ve also developed a lot of common practices which make it easier if people are moved between teams.

The biggest and best change I’ve noticed since we joined the GBG family, is that a number of my colleagues have transitioned into new roles recently, for example from administration to project management. There’s a great deal of scope for horizontal movement as well as vertical and in both instances GBG provides a huge amount of support.

Our team has also now moved into a brand new, larger office space in a different part of Melbourne featuring numerous bespoke meeting and breakout spaces. The team are so excited to be working in this new space, and a fantastic job has been done to get it designed and ready. 

Since beginning this role ten months ago, I’ve already completed some big projects. I recently finished work on a new loading service which deals with common textual data issues across the product suite. We managed to get it done in three months and it’s basically ready to integrate now. 

I take a great deal of enjoyment from seeing the way that our products improve, based on what my team bring in. I’m always secure in the knowledge that if I bring something to GBG, there will be a willingness to look at pursuing it. GBG has a real hunger for new tech, there’s no stubbornness about sticking to legacy solutions just because they’re proven. Whenever we need to implement something new, be it software or hardware, it’s handled with the utmost professionalism. 

If you’re interested in joining a brilliant team and working on some exciting projects, check out our careers page to see the latest openings, or head over to our LinkedIn page.



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