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Know exactly who you're dealing with, screening for high-risk individuals and businesses before onboarding.

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Onboarding controls for high-risk customers

Before onboarding new customers, your business needs to know who it’s dealing with or risk penalties and brand damage. Screening identities for PEPs (politically exposed persons) and sanctioned countries, businesses and individuals is essential customer due diligence, so protect your reputation while reducing false positives with automated onboarding checks against the latest watchlists worldwide.

Flag high-risk customers

Screen identities against the latest national and global profiles and lists at customer onboarding.

Reduce false positives

Remove false flags and fast-track trusted customers with fully configurable screening algorithms.

Ongoing monitoring and protection

Automate in-life customer screening for status changes and continue to protect your business.


Complete customer compliance

Fully automate your PEPs and sanctions screening checks at onboarding and beyond, defining re-screening intervals for key groups of customers or for your whole customer base and creating a complete audit trail for regulators. 

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Comprehensive customer checks

Maintain comprehensive AML compliance checks in-country and around the world, with millions of continuously updated PEP profiles, major (UN, EU, OFAC, OFSI) and locally enforced sanctions watchlists, as well as the latest relevant adverse media sources. 

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Reduce false positives

Fully configurable and integrated into your customer onboarding journey, smart fuzzy logic algorithms run simultaneous searches across name variations to ensure accuracy, reduce false positives, avoid costly manual checks and free up your compliance team. 


Add to your onboarding journey

Go to market quickly, securely and compliantly with a single API integration for PEPs and sanctions screening that plugs into your existing customer onboarding journey with minimal set-up and training. 

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