Outperform competitors at customer onboarding

Know your customer better than the competition with the confidence score that makes identity count.

Know your customer better

GBG Identity Score helps your business onboard better. Go beyond binary KYC checks to confidently onboard more customers around the world.

Outperform your competition

Benchmark top-scoring onboarding results in your industry and recalibrate to outperform competitors.

Optimise your customer onboarding

Recalibrate identity verification to onboard more customers in more markets while meeting risk thresholds.

Onboard more diverse digital identities

Match more customers and prevent false fails by including diverse digital identity footprints.

Increase return on investment

Target downstream KYC costs on customer prospects with good identity scores that fail standard checks.

Onboarding intelligence for fast and accurate customer decisions

Identity match accuracy

Measures precise match accuracy for identity data fields and the relative importance of each field.

Identity match integrity

Assesses the pedigree of data sources where the identity appears, calculating the level of integrity.

Identity match count

Counts the total number of matches discovered in datasets to complete the trust score calculation.

Start identity scoring 
at customer onboarding

Simple-to-use identity score

Get a precise understanding of digital identity for each prospect taking your customer onboarding journey with a GBG Identity Score from 0 to 1000 reflecting their identity match accuracy, match integrity and match count.

Benchmarks best industry results

The average GBG Identity Score achieved by new customers to your business can be ranked alongside the anonymised results for peers in your industry to benchmark your identity verification performance.

Recognises diverse identities

Not all good customers look the same, so GBG Identity Score measures the diverse digital identity footprints created by the next generation of consumers, including mobile and email data, IP address and much more.

Market-specific identity scores

Compare the average attainable GBG Identity Score in 48 countries and territories around the world with recommendations for data or document-led identity verification journeys to increase match rates and KYC ROI.

Frequently asked questions

Existing customers, get in touch with our Customer Support team.

GBG Identity Score complements your current risk-based approach to customer due diligence. By offering a precise measure of identity confidence, Score helps to optimise onboarding journeys for individuals and target downstream KYC costs, including document checks.

Document assessment will soon be added to the GBG Identity Score algorithm, calculating match accuracy, integrity and count, for those customer onboarding journeys designed to include documents as an identity verification requirement.

GBG Identity Score is free to customers of our global portfolio of identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. Contact our team of identity trust experts to find out more.

Risk thresholds at onboarding vary from business to business, so it’s hard to put a number on ‘good’. GBG Identity Scores range from 0 to 1000 and fit into five broad categories of confidence level:

751-1000 Very high confidence

501-750 High confidence

251-500 Medium confidence

1-250 Low confidence

0 No confidence

A very high or high-scoring identity would typically achieve a KYC pass. A medium-scoring identity may fail the ‘2+2’ test (perhaps due to a small digital footprint) but is highly likely to be a genuine identity.

GBG Identity Score calculations can include government and credit agency data sets as well as commercial, consumer consented, telecommunications and other databases accessible via our global identity verification data sources.

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