Get the true measure of every story

Does your customer onboarding always have a happy ending? When a new character appears on your page, get the true measure of their story.

Huff and puff:


B. B. Wolf profile picture

B. B. Wolf




  • Full name provided
  • Suspicious behaviour
  • Identity impersonation [Grandma]
P. Nocchio profile picture

P. Nocchio




  • Confirmed address change
  • Inconsistent biometrics
  • Liveness check [not a real human]
S. White profile picture

S. White




  • Fairest of them all
  • Address registered to 7 Dwarves
  • Long periods of inactivity [sleeping]

The End?

Fairest of them all - 1st
Beanstalk awards - TOP
5 stars - Fairydustpilot
5 stars - Blows the competition down

Fairy tales have heroes and villains; in reality, it’s harder to know who’s who.

  • Be sure your fairest customers quickly get to the ball and live happily ever after.
  • Be sure you don’t turn away an ugly duckling that is really a beautiful swan.
  • Be sure you can pick out a handsome prince from among the frogs and pumpkins.
  • Be sure the wolf does not get in [not by the hair of your chinny chin chin].

Be sure your business and your customer live happily ever after.

Our complete understanding of identity gives businesses unique and immediate intelligence to confidently onboard good customers, reward great customers and reject fraudsters.


Know your customer with fast, accurate and secure identity verification:

  • Optimise onboarding by identity confidence score
  • Measure identity data match accuracy and integrity
  • Verify customers quickly and compliantly worldwide


Authenticate biometric identity with documents for extra security:

  • Protect against fraud with FaceMatch
  • Detect genuine presence with liveness testing
  • Complete ID protection with tamper detection


Spot fraud signals from suspicious characters and block fraud before onboarding:

  • Share trust and fraud insights with other businesses
  • Recognise great, good and bad customer prospects
  • Welcome more good customers and fast-track the great ones

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

“I huffed and I puffed, but I couldn't blow down the GBG identity security the little pigs had installed.” B.B Wolf
“Everyone turned up to our picnic in disguise! But they had a big surprise when we ran GBG biometric checks.” The Teddy Bears 
“Identity thieves struggle to guess my name, but GBG’s strong identity security is still very reassuring.” Rumplestiltskin
“Since I turned into a swan I’ve failed a few ID checks, but GBG’s identity verification still recognises me.” The Ugly Duckling

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