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Use data to verify your customers identity with compliance.

Having a relentless focus to drive customer growth across international markets is impressive. We know that delivering exceptional onboarding experiences for new customers will help fuel global growth ambitions. However, scaling your business in new markets and managing risk cost-effectively can be challenging.

As the global leaders in digital identity with over 30 years of experience, we want to make it easy for businesses to identify international customers and transact with confidence around the world.

Think deeper with data

Think deeper with data Identity data coverage is not equal; some countries have rich and reliable data sources, in others the digital identity ecosystems is poor. Recognising genuine customers is simple in some places and harder in others. 

As experts in digital identity, we understand the diversity of international data around the world. For example, in Latin America, leading with data verification for a low friction journey produces low cost and high pass rate outcomes. However, for countries in the Middle East, due to the reduced coverage and lack of reliable government data sources available, document-led journeys are recommended. 

“Using a data led identity verification process provides secure and compliant customer onboarding and offers a frictionless journey for your customer no matter where they are in the world.”

Vicky Baker, Head of International Data, GBG Plc

Reach 350M customers worldwide

Unlock genuine customer identity data in over 47 global countries including Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Romania, Canada, Germany & India.

Reduce KYC costs

With better quality data sources you can improve pass rates, reduce manual reviews and increase operational efficiency, only target downstream KYC costs on identities that fail data checks.

Boost match rates

Achieve the highest match rates available in any jurisdictions so you can acquire more new customers in more countries at speed.

Optimise onboarding journeys

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with our recommended data with the addition of our document identity verification solution for each country.

Deliver ongoing compliance

Meet ever-changing AML regulations across borders. All our global data suppliers are sourced to meet the highest compliance standards ensuring you play by the rules.

Enhance Fraud Controls

Leverage unique insights from data to enhance fraud controls globally in countries where you have higher amounts of fraud, as an additional layer of verification to improve confidence.

View our global coverage 

Explore our interactive identity map (see link below) to see by country all identity and fraud solutions available.  

“We needed a reliable system and database that could help us verify an individual so that we could protect the business and our customers from fraud.”

Noa Luthi, Product Owner, Financial Crime and Customer Due Diligence | Revolut

Meet the identity experts

We know you won’t settle for average onboarding, and neither will we. Speak to our digital identity experts today to learn how you can onboard more customers in more markets whilst meeting the risk threshold with data.

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Nicola D’Amelio 

Senior Customer Success Manager at GBG

With over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services sector, supporting clients with digital onboarding and fraud prevention, Nicola works closely with our customers to streamline their onboarding and improve conversion rates.

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Vicky Baker

Head of International Data at GBG

With over 25 years of experience in consumer data & customer onboarding, Vicky provides has previously worked at Experian and now leads the global international data verification team at GBG. 

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