Fraud Prevention for Retailers

Make business-critical decisions with confidence and prevent fraudulent orders and claims.

Accelerate growth

Approve more good transactions without adding friction to the customer's experience.

No integration needed

Keep up to date with your investigation without the need for any development resources.

Multiple data sources icon

The best data

Powered by the UK’s most comprehensive database, utilise the best breadth and depth of data available.

GBG statistics diagnostics for ID verification

Seamless customer due diligence 

Use visualisation to drive quick decisions 

Visualise an individual’s relevant relationships and connections through a visual graph using our cutting-edge graph technology. 

SaaS platform for manual review 

Make fast, clear decisions 

Quickly understand the context around an identity and empower your manual reviews team to make a decision quickly and confidently.  

Forensic document examination by GBG
GBG Maximum Fraud Protection

Prevent fraud 

Reduce your loss to fraud 

Fight fraud such as multiple orders, chargeback or internal threats, whilst ensuring legitimate customer claims are addressed.  


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